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holiday accommodation near inverness

holiday accommodation near inverness Inverness is the natural metropolis of the entire holiday accommodation near inverness Highland region. It is peripheral to the central area which we are dealing with in this book, but if we include the northern and western Highlands and the islands of the Hebrides beyond, then only holiday accommodation near inverness commands easy access in every direction. This can be seen at a glance by anyone approaching by the Great North Road as it descends from the heights of Drummossie Muir, disclosing ahead the smoke and the steeples and chimneys down there in an amphitheatre of holiday accommodation near inverness hills. Beyond the town the sea glints, the shallow arm of the Beauly Firth. Beyond that is the Black Isle, beyond that again the massif of Ben Wyvis; unseen to the south-west is the Great Glen, Glen Albyn, the straight route to the Atlantic seaboard. In days when all journeys had to be undertaken by what is now called ‘surface travel’, which means virtually throughout the course of history, Inverness straddled the way of all comings and goings of importance in the holiday accommodation near inverness north from the arrival of Columban Christianity in the sixth century to the final passing of the Diving Right of Kings in the person of Charles Edward Stuart in the eighteenth. For a holiday accommodation near inverness centre of such predestined importance, the town may well disappoint expectations, visually at least.

There is hardly an old building left in it, and the steel-and-concrete accretions of the last ten years or so have been erected, as it seems to me, with a singular absence of any sense of what is proper in what, after all, is the holiday accommodation near inverness Highland Capital. To dwell briefly on one instance only, the reconstruction of buildings in Bridge Street, east of the new bridge over the Ness, not only ignores the opportunity offered by a challenging holiday accommodation near inverness site, but contrives to detract from the one dominating building in the town, the nineteenth-century red sandstone castle on its hill, which houses the county offices. The holiday accommodation near inverness castle may have no great virtue as a building, but at least it shows awareness of the duty to do something about amenity.

For the rest, the streets of the town are narrow and rather tortuous. For a stranger attempting to go directly through the place on his way to the north or west, it is hard to say which is the more frustrating: to try to follow the directions for bye-passing the holiday accommodation near inverness town-centre, or to go boldly through it, bottle-neck though it be. Commercialisation, concrete and the internal-combustion engine have wrought havoc with a town which in our boyhood still had a Highland quality about it, a faint tang of peat-smoke such as one can scent at times in Dublin, a country tweediness in the streets and shop-windows, and in the same holiday accommodation near inverness windows a goodly complement of guns and fishing tackle. To say this no doubt is evidence of nostalgic hysteria in the view of economists and developers, who will point to the increase in population and employment, and to the presence of the holiday accommodation near inverness Highlands and Islands Board headquarters and the Crofters’ Commission, to say nothing of the North of Scotland Milk-Marketing Board and a growing number of factories and industrial depots of one sort or another. This, they will claim, is the way to real prosperity and importance. Some of those things are appropriate enough: the Highlands Board, for example, and the Crofter’s commission.
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